Natural Cleaning Agents

People are becoming more and more environmentally aware these days and are opening their eyes to the effect of harmful chemicals and toxins on our environment.

What’s all the fuss about?

”I just want a clean house with the minimum of fuss and hassle. What’s wrong with using chemicals? I’ve been doing it for years and I’m ok?” Sounds like you or someone you know? Yes, I thought so. It is very easy to become stuck in the chemical cleaning rut. Yes chemicals will easily strip your kitchen and bathroom of grease and grime but what damage are these chemicals and also the creation of them doing to the environment?

Eco cleaning products reduce so many different types of pollution to the world around us. Harsh chemicals can have an extremely negative effect on the ozone layer. Also they are related to climate change, to an increase in air pollution, to allergies, water pollution and so on. The damaging effect of the toxic by products and products of these chemicals cannot be stressed highly enough.

How can I get clothes clean without my favorite detergent?

The answer to this is far easier than you imagine! There are such things as Ecoballs which are a perfect alternative to using traditional washing powders. These work by ionizing the water which in turn allows the dirt and grime to be lifted right away.

Further to this rather than using fabric softener which is notoriously filled with chemicals, can damage the environment and cause severe allergic reactions. Many sensitive individuals report all manner of symptoms such as light headedness, headaches and so on which they connect directly to their use of fabric softeners. Why risk potential health problems for your family? By choosing to down the eco friendly route, you have nothing to lose and everything to potentially gain! Products such as Dryerballs lift and separate your laundry whilst in the tumble drying process. Further to this they noticeably soften fabrics and even cut down on creases. What’s not to like!

Banish that limescale!

There are so many products which are petrochemical free and which are completely devoid of anything harmful which will also get rid of that hard to shift limescale. Descaling is something which you need to consider with regards to your water using appliances as a build up of limescale will adversely affect the performance of them. Also there is the added bonus of potentially saving some money on your electricity bills as your appliances will not have to work as hard if they are clean and in good order!

As well as the option of buying eco descaler by the pack there are also magnetic aids for your toilet which attract limescale and also ones which can be used within the washing machine and dishwasher.

So, when it comes down to it there is a plethora of options open to you if you are considering going eco friendly with regards to your cleaning. Time to step away from that bleach!

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