How to clean laminate floors

Laminated flooring:- It’s the fusion of multi layered synthetic material for flooring using process of lamination. Now a day’s laminate flooring have become significantly popular as It is quite easy to install and maintain the laminated flooring.

Cleaning the laminate flooring is an essential part of maintenance of laminated wooden flooring. The best way to clean the laminated flooring is to clean up the floor from water, dust & dirt particles as this may harm the laminated flooring.

Best way to clean laminate floors

Laminate floors needs to be cleaned on a daily basis in order to prevent them to get scratched. But using harsh cleahow to clean laminate floorsning products may give it a bad look also. Normal cleaning with mops should be taken on top-priority which may not, inadvertently, harm the laminated flooring.

Here are some practices a person should take to clean the wooden laminated flooring.

  1. Mop:- A dry mop is the best way to clean laminate wood floors. It does not harm the polish and lamination on the flooring and cleans the floor with great finish.
  2. Vacuum Cleaner:- If you do not want to clean the laminated flooring with a dry dist mop, a good vacuum cleaner may be taken instead for the cleaning of floor which would not harm the laminated flooring and maintain the wellness of the wooden laminated flooring.
  3. Luke warm water:- Luke warm water should also be a criteria to clean laminate floor. Water should not be steam heated or more than that because of that the laminated flooring would leave steaks behind and may also damage the lamination process of the flooring. Lukewarm water should be used for cleaning the laminated flooring and it should be cleaned up immediately after implementation of water to the floor.
  4. Air dry cleaning:- Air dry cleaning is one of the most used ways for cleaning as it does not harm the laminated flooring at all. After the moist mop, Air Dry cleaning should be under for drying the floor which contains microfiber cloth cleaning.
  5. Soap:- always use gentle soaps to clean the laminated flooring which is the best way to clean laminate wood floors. A bucket full of more than merely lukewarm water combined solution with gentle soap or baby soap may be used for the cleaning laminated floor. It would not harm the laminated flooring but a good cleaning is seen behind.

Some other aspects may also be taken into consideration while cleaning the laminate flooring

  1. Floor mats:- Floor mats are a good idea for keeping the laminate floor clean. High quality floor mats should be accorded on top priority for a house where the floor is fully laminated. Foot mats are specially used to absorb the dirt & dust which comes with dirty shoes in a house. Foot mats can also be used in front of Kitchens, Attached bathrooms, toilets and Stairs to prevent the laminated floor to become dirty and asphaltic. A mat that doesn’t bleed color should be taken as an essential.a5
  2. Furniture Pads:- Furniture is basic amenity of a well maintained house. Good maintenance of cleaning of laminated floor also consist floor pads of furniture and with which a person, loving and caring for his laminated floor, can easily maintain cleanliness of his laminated floor. Don’t move furniture across the laminated floor without picking the furniture up.
  3. Animal’s Nails: – Pet animals are also being maintained in a house where people loving pets put up. It is good to keep the nails of your pets animal trimmed well so that scratchiness may not be seen your laminated floor.
  4. Sleepers:- High quality sleepers can be used to keep laminated floor clean. Inside the house one should use high quality sleepers to keep dust and dirt away from the hard wood laminated floor.
  5. Humidity level:- Humidity may distort the good looks of a laminated floor. The limit of humidity that is required for a house where the flooring is of laminated kind is 35% to 65%. Maintain the level of humidity up to the mark. Natural expansion is also be maintained and it should be minimized.
  6. Repair:- look after of Laminated floors is required very dispassionately. As and when an accidental damage occurs, it hurts the pocket of the owner. Repairing is required for the damaged areas. Dents and scratches can be repaired at local which is not costly. A damaged piece of laminated floor can be replaced with a new one.
  7. A good cleaner:- A good cleaner is the best way to clean laminated flooring unless it is not harsh which contain toxics or unwanted chemicals. Choice can be made from the various varieties of laminated floors cleaner available in the market.
  8. Natural remedies at Home:- House owner of laminated flooring may also use natural ways to clean-up their laminated floor by using mixture of vinegar and lukewarm water. Vinegar is the best solution available to clean laminated floor unless used in a limited quantity and good quality vinegar is must be used.
  9. Window protection:- always use good quality of glass for the window which do not let pass UV rays to the laminated floor and harm the Laminated floor fade away. Excessive Direct heat from sunlight may harm your shiny laminated floor with heavy costs and repairing of the same may hurt your pocket too.

Stains are also be taken into consideration while cleaning the laminated floor

Stains are most ill looking aspect of a laminated floor. To keep your laminated floor the best, you should clean a stains in the instant you see one. Some remedies are explained below to prevent your laminated floor getting ill looks and maintenance of shine:-

  1. Blood:- Blood can be removed with the help of wet cloths and instantly followed by a dry cloth to keep clean laminated floor in the best way.
  2. Scratches:- Scratches are most ill looking aspect of a laminated floor. To keep scratched away from a laminated floor one should instantly use paint of same color of the laminated floor.
  3. Marks of heels:- One should use rubber to remove the stains of heel marks on the laminated floor to keep it clean In the best way.
  4. Ink:- Stains of ink may look ugly on a hard wooden laminated floor. One should use vinegar combined with lukewarm water to remove the stains of ink.
  5. Heavy Dirt Stains:- Shoes are need of every person and every person enters in his house with shoes full of dirt. One should clean his laminated floor with old towel duly wetted by lukewarm water followed by a dry cloth instantly after the implementation of wet towel.
  6. Streaks:- streaks are also a bad aspect to make your shiny laminated floor look dull and filthy. To keep your laminated floor clean from streaks one should use warm water correctly used to clean the laminated floor up to shine.
  7. Shoe Polish:- Vinegar is the only solution to get rid of marks of shoe polish unless a bit amount is used to remove the shoe polish as vinegar in a lot more quantity may harm the laminated floor.
  8. Wax Polish:- Waxing your laminated floor is not a good idea and It may leave streaks behind which may cause ugly look for your shiny laminated floor. Waxing polish must be restrained from applying on the laminated floor.

So that is all about how to clean laminate floors. We have tried to include all the details and some best way to clean laminate floors including wood floors. Please share your thoughts with us in following comments.

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