Best Digital Piano Reviews 2018

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2018)

A digital piano is a latest electronic musical device devised to serve as a substitute to the old fashioned acoustic piano. Even some digital pianos are designed to look in a similar way to acoustic pianos.  Friends don’t be confused with electric piano n’ electronic piano as electrical pianos create echoes mechanically.

Digital pianos are intended to give an accurate imitation of an acoustic piano. Moreover, digital pianos also have other sounds in addition to piano, many of which are amazing and useful and they have a great tone and touch response.

Types of Best Digital Pianos 2018

There are many types of digital piano and they are very versatile in nature. With this piano you do not have to be limited with the sounds of piano, you can have thousands of different and amazing sounds at your finger tips and this number of sounds depends on the type of piano you are playing.

All digital pianos use tested sounds which differ in quality. There are three common sizes of keyboards and that are 61-key, one is 76-key and 88-key keyboard. So here are some types of digital pianos, have a look and choose the best digital piano for you.

  • Digital Pianos n’ Organs

Both models are either convenient or grand or upright. But convenient models are portable than the other two i.e. from grand and upright. Digital pianos and organs both have built-in speakers and sometimes they both offer some sound options like acoustic piano, electric pianos etc. They have a music stand, a rack and a plug-in pedal.

  • Arrangers

If you want to have a lot of fun with various sounds & jingles and complement features and you are not anxious to search acoustic models then an Arranger is the best digital piano for you. Arranger is filled with single man band features like automatic drum, bass, recording and playback. High-end arranger models are expensive and lower-end models are quite inexpensive and portable.

  • Stage Pianos

These pianos are meant for stage performances that offer professional piano sounds. If you are a piano player in a band and going to perform on stage or going to give a solo performance then a stage piano is the best choice for you. These pianos do not have built-in speakers, so to hear yourself play, you have to use amplifiers or you may use headphones. Stage pianos do not have many features like an arranger has. It comes with a music rack and prolong pedal but you have to buy piano stand and other accessories by yourself separately.

  • Workstations

It is nothing but a computer built into a piano keyboard. A workstation comes up with everything like many sound samples, computer integration, recording & editing and sequencing. Basically, workstations come up in three key models: 61-key, 73-key and 88-key models. Though these workstations are expensive but if you are having big musical dreams then you may go for this type of piano and enjoy.

  • Synthesizers

By buying a good synthesizer, you can direct many waveforms, filters and can work with both analog and digital echoes and jingles. In comparison to older version of synthesizers, today’s synthesizers come with additional sounds and jingles to work with which let you to go to town with some nice and good stipulated sounds.

 Features of Digital Piano

Digital pianos are good in all ways and here are some of its features:

  • They do not need the utilization of microphones
  • They are very portable in nature
  • Its sound level and volume knobs are quite good and headphones inputs too
  • Most of the digital pianos include a MIDI execution
  • It also may have a feature to assist in learning and symphony
  • It requires low maintenance
  • It does not need tuning
  • It is low in weight
  • It has built-in rhythm abilities to escort playing.

 Acoustic v/s Digital Pianos

If you are planning to buy a piano and you do not know which one to buy acoustic or digital then you don’t have to worry more about it. Here is the perfect comparison guide for you between acoustic and digital piano to make your decision simple and easy. They both are more or less the same musical instrument with a few differences. Now let us see some differences:

  • Digital pianos duplicates the sound of an acoustic piano and it does it by using digitally recorded samples which are played via electronic amplifiers and speakers when a key is pressed. On the other hand, Acoustic piano creates sound by shifting energy from the keys to the hammers by means of the action method.
  • Digital pianos of high quality hold more distinctions by using additional memory to store the digital records other than in predetermined steps of volume and tone color. While Acoustic pianos counter with an unbounded range of volume & tone color.
  • Digital pianos are light in weight and they almost weigh less than 200 pounds. These pianos can be disassembled and can be moved from one place to another easily but this is not in the case of acoustic pianos. Acoustic pianos are heavy in weight and weigh between 450 to 1000 pounds and they are very difficult to transfer from one place to other.
  • Digital pianos do not need any regular maintenance and tuning as compare to acoustic pianos.
  • Besides piano sounds, a digital piano can also play other sounds by selecting the options given on the piano and choose from rock, pop or jazz music as per the requirement whereas acoustic pianoscan only play its piano sound.
  • Digital pianos can be played by plug in the headphones to not to disturb anyone else around you whereas acoustic pianos come up with practice pedal by which you can make the sound soft but it is very loud and may disturb others around you.
  • Basically, cost of the digital pianos lie between $1500 to $8500 depending upon their quality and alternatives while low-end acoustic pianos are cheap and affordable but they are full of problems. A good quality acoustic piano’s cost lie between $3500 and $10000.
  • Digital piano depreciates very quickly according to new technology. When a new model of digital piano comes then price of old piano falls drastically. But in case of acoustic piano, it initially depreciates and after 2 or 3 years it starts to appreciate and soon sold for than their initial fixed price.

So, it was the difference between acoustic and digital piano. I hope now you all will be able to find the best digital piano for you as digital piano is the best to buy rather than the acoustic one.

Buying Guide for the Best Digital Piano 2016

So you have decided to buy a digital piano. That’s cool!! But now a question will come to your mind how to choose the best digital piano for personal use or for stage performance that would match your ability, music and price range. Let us see what should be kept in mind to buy the best digital piano for you:

  • Keyboard

While selecting the keyboard with different number of keys, choose the keyboard which has at least 88 keys because with that you can play anything you want. Also, 88-key digital keyboard has equal number of keys of acoustic piano.

Digital pianos come up with different weighting of keys i.e. from light weight keys to heavy weight keys. Always go for heavy weight keys but if you find this one expensive then you can go few steps lower and choose the digital keyboard which have full weight keys or medium weight keys.

  • Touch Sensitivity

It is another important feature to consider in keyboard. While selecting the keyboard, check how many touch sensitivity levels are present and go for the keyboard which has more touch sensitive levels.

Apart from sensitivity levels, digital pianos also have dynamic levels from 1 to 6 and to get the best out of your keyboard always choose the one which has at least 4 dynamic levels.

Instead of focusing on touch response of the keyboard, first time pianists focus on LED screens and light of the digital piano. So, always give first priority to the touch response instead of attracting towards lights of the piano.

  • Polyphony

Polyphony means the maximum number of individual notes produce by the digital piano at a time. Today market provides mainly three types:

  1. 32 tones
  2. 64 tones
  3. 128 tones

Basically, polyphony initiates with 32 which considered as entry stage and goes up to 128 tone stage. Digital piano is packed with 64 note polyphony as the rule which has informally become the trade model in digital pianos.

  • Pedals

Most of the digital pianos have at least one uphold pedal and there are some models that have 4 uphold pedals with them. Many people say that 1 uphold pedal with digital piano is sufficient for the beginners while others say that 2 uphold pedal is required for the beginners but I would say if you want to take your career as a pianist then always go for the maximum number of pedals. One thing you should keep in mind that always check the touch response of the pedal and the amount of pressure it can hold.

  • Amplifiers n’ Speakers

If you want a piano for your home use then make sure you go for a piano that has built-in amplification system and speakers that produce a lovely sound with sufficient volume. But if you want the best digital piano for your live performance on stage then make sure the piano has the output opportunities to connect to external amplifiers and PA systems to produce loud sounds. 12 watt speaker is good enough for home use. It is also advisable to choose a piano with headphone jack to prevent others from disturbance.

  • Recording Capability

Most of the digital piano has an ability to record your performances and you can review it later. It is a very helpful feature of the digital piano in order to learn piano and in creating your own songs or sounds.

  • Dimensions

Dimensions of digital piano are also an important factor to consider. Make sure that the piano you want to buy fits in the space. Like if you are going to buy a piano for a kid then check the keyboard height is suitable.

Digital piano Reviews

Here are some digital piano reviews for some of the best digital pianos for you to help you to buy your dream piano. We have posted reviews of the best selling pianos.

Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano

This is a piano with 88 keys and is semi weighted.Best Digital Pianos 2015

  • It has built-in metronome
  • It is convenient
  • It has built-in speakers, USB MIDI connections
  • Sustain pedal and AC power adaptor is associated with this
  • It has 5 affluent sounds i.e. piano, organ, synth, electric piano and bass
  • Its dimensions are 3.5*50*11 inches and its weight is 19 pounds.

People have given this piano 4 stars out of 5 stars. This piano is velocity sensitive. This piano has the feature of recording, changing pitch, playing with background beat etc. it also provides other sounds other than piano sound. To see more digital piano reviews click Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano

Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano reviews 

Key Features:best digital piano

  • It has 128 note polyphony
  • It can connect any device (like mobile, computer, mixers etc.) with a line output and can hear via internal speakers.
  • It has a 88-key keyboard
  • Its dimensions are 58.9*21.5*12.8 inch and its weight is 83.6 pounds.

People have given this piano 5 stars out of 5 stars. Its sound quality is fabulous and realistic. It automatically picks a rhythm based on what you are playing.

It has a recording feature and MIDI for multi-track. So this was the Yamaha’s digital piano reviews. I hope this is good enough to make a decision. Check more best digital piano reviews 2015 here Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano

Yamaha P Series P105B Digital Piano Reviews 

Key Features:

  • It has heavy feel in the lower end and light feel in the high-end just as in an acoustic piano.
  • It has 128 note polyphonytop rated digital pianos
  • It has built-in duet partner plays and can play in 10 different styles
  • Its dimensions are 58.1*15.1*11.1 inch and its weight is 36.4 pounds
  • It is very portable and versatile in nature and is very easy to use.

People have given this piano 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. Its hammer action feels realistic and its sound quality is excellent. It can connect with computer and it sounds awesome with headphones.

To buy this one of the best digital piano and see more reviews click Yamaha P Series P105B 88-Key Digital Piano

These were the digital piano reviews. Consider this and the best digital piano for you.

 Your thoughts on Best Digital Piano Reviews 2016

The best digital piano has better tones and touch than acoustic pianos. It is a good choice for beginners as this piano has a feature of recording your songs to review it later. It is the best for professional pianists in all aspects. You have seen digital piano reviews, by considering that choose the best one for you. So, in the end I just wanna say if you have any queries and want to share your experience then please post in the comments below.

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