Best Electronic Drum Sets in 2018: Buying Guide

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2018)

As you know, electronic drum is an electrical instrument played by a drummer by using anyone of these: hands, sticks, brushes or with any drumming tool to produce a range of sounds, implement and effects from either samples or modeled sounds given in a processor or drum module. Music lovers love to play drums as this is the basic part of the music. Electronic drum is normally trade as a component of electronic drum kit which consists of a set drum pads accumulated on a stand in a composition parallel to that of an aural drum kit layout, with specialized acoustic/electronic cymbals. Check out our comparison chart having best electronic drum sets. 

Best Electronic Drum Set Reviews 2018

Check out these electronic drum set reviews in some details so that you are able to make a better and informed buying decision.

Alesis DM6 USB Kit Five-Piece Electronic Drum Set 

electronic drum set reviewsThe Alesis DM6 drum set shows up the best of 20 years of experience in expert electronic thumping cog. This best electronic drum set 2015 attributes a completely new sound unit 108 eminence drum, cymbal and thumping sounds. Its pads make you feel great and its hardware and stand system is of high quality.

Similar to all Alesis drum kits, the DM6 drum set attributes realistic, natural feeling beating planes with rubber drum and cymbal planes to lessen the vibration feedback.

Key Features:

  • This is a five piece electronic drum kit with DM6 drum unit i.e. it holds 108 top-notch drum, cymbal and thumping sounds.
  • It has a kick, snare, two cymbals, three toms and a hi-hat pad, pedal and a hi-hat regulator.
  • DM6 drum unit aspects an aux input for practicing with an outer aural source.
  • It has 15 programmable drum sets.
  • It comes with gall drum pedal and sticks.
  • You can connect your iPod and merge it in with 1/8 inch input.

Now let’s talk about its reviews

People have given this drum set 4 stars out of 5. Its sample quality is enormous and the sound is very realistic. When you strike the snare, it picks up the rim shot sound over it. It opens up a bunch of options including MIDI and records your performances on your favourite recording software. Its rack is very easy to set.

Alesis DM10 Studio Set Six-Piece Electronic Drum Kit 

best electronic drum setThis is another best electronic drum set which you can buy without thinking much.

Key Features:

  • It is a premium electronic drum kit with DM10 high sharpness drum unit.
  • It has a high sharpness sound store of uncompressed models from real drums and flexible cymbals through USB/MIDI to control software tools and units.
  • It has dual region 8” and 10” pads and triple region ride cymbal.
  • DM10 drum unit attributes mix input for practicing with an outer audio medium. On-board beater lets you dial in the perfect drum levels.
  • Its dimensions are 23*47*12.8 inches.


Most of the people have given 4 stars out of 5 to this electronic drum set. It has quieter, feel good mesh heads which makes it easier to play faster. This kit has a large variety of instrument samples. Its frame is easy enough to place mutually and rigid enough to hold up all drums and accessories. The clamp connected to the frame allows up and down movement. 

Yamaha DTX400K 10-Inch Electronic Drum Set  

electronic drum set 2015Yamaha also expertise in drums and instrumentation, the DTX400 attributes acoustic drum and thumping sounds, fresh rock drums and electronic tones. Experienced or beginners, both can have the benefit of full size set and steel stand system.

It has triple zone snare, extra crash and true pedal action. The DTX400K has 10 drum kits and guiding functions with newly built up drum pads, large cymbals and new silent kick module.

Key features:

  • It has 297 high quality jingles.
  • It contains ten proficient drum kits in single solid electronic drum set.
  • It also includes drum throne, a pair of drum sticks and a JVC stereo headphone of full size.
  • It has a large 10” ride and crash cymbals and 10 inch hi-hat cymbal.


People have given this Yamaha electronic drum set 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. This drum set is easy to assemble, for assembling you may not even need the instruction guide. Its sound is good enough for an entry-level kit. It is very light in weight, very solid matted and pretty quiet too. Its built-in metronome is awesome and its ten different kit sounds is a nice feature. With the headphones, rubber head sounds better. It is also having a capability of connecting a tune medium to it so that you can play along with your favourite song.

Components of Drum Sets

The conventional drum sets consist of a mix of drums and idiophones but the model latest drum set consists of following:

  • A Snare Drum: also known as side drum and it is in the shape of a short cylinder with a covering on each end. Its upper part is being smacked with hard sticks and lower part with snares and it is used for various purposes like orchestras, parades, drumlines and
  • A Bass Drum: It is a large drum which produces a note of distinct and indistinct pitch. It is struck by a pedal which is controlled by the right foot.
  • A hi-hat stand: It consists of two cymbals that are accumulated on a stand or a rack and a pedal which is used to seize the cymbals together.
  • Tom-tom Drums: It is a drum which has no snares. They can be more than one in number and are played with the help of sticks.
  • Cymbals: This is a thumping instrument which consists of thin round plates of various alloys and these can also be more than one in number.

All of them are grouped as non pitched thumping. If some of them are swapped by electronic drum 2015 then their will be no change in terms of scoring and rank, permitting a model teaching approach. Most of the drummers enlarge their kits from the basic pattern by adding more cymbals, drums and many other implements which includes pitched thumping. See our comparison guide of best drum sets.

Electronic Drums v/s Acoustic Drums

Electronic Drum Set reviews 2015Most of the people have doubts in their mind which is a better drum set to rehearse or play on. Both types of drum sets have their own pros and benefits over the other but I would say at the end it all depends on you that what you propose to use the kit for and how passionate you are for drumming.

To clear your doubts which one is better, here is a simple list of pros and cons of both the drums and decide which is more suitable for you:


Electric drums: when they are used with the headphones, they are very quite and is very suitable for apartments, late night playing etc.

Acoustic Drums: It is very loud in nature, so it doesn’t require any amplifier and its sound is more natural and crisp  but sometimes it can effect hearing over time


Electric drums: It does not require any tuning and it has studio excellence sound.

Acoustic Drums: Nothing can beat the sound quality of a superior acoustic drum set. But for a quality recording, it requires a sound studio and microphones.


Electric drums: Recording is very easy with electric drums and they do not need any microphones to get a professional sound recording. It can pug directly into the recording device.

Acoustic Drums: It gives LIVE feeling sound as it itself is very loud and it is more sensitive to the strength play of drummer.


Electric drums: It has the ability to alter sound to match the way of music. It takes very less space and it can practice with the headphones via mixing board. It can also controls the volume to make less noise while practising it.

CONS: It requires a sound system and sometimes it becomes risky to perform live with inexperienced sound mixers.

Acoustic Drums: It looks nice while performing live and audience always enjoys the power and spark that it brings to the stage. If sound system malfunctions then also band members are able to hear the sound of the beats given by the drummer.

CONS: To match the sound echelon of the drum, other band members should also have good enough kit.


Electric drums: A good quality electric drum does not required to replace any part of the drum its entire life.

CONS: It will be very expensive to replace any part of the electric drum.

Acoustic Drums: Its heads are less expensive and are easy to locate then electric drum parts. And replacement can change the look and feel of the drum, rest it depends on what part you are replacing.

  1. RANGE:

Electric drums: A normal electric drum starts from $762.76.

Acoustic Drums: Its range starts from  $305.12.

Buying Tips for Best Electronic Drum Set in 2018

There are many varieties of drum sets in the market today and choosing the best of it can be a difficult task. These tips are especially for the first time buyers but skilled drummers can also choose a tip which is suitable for them. Here are some tips to the buy an electronic drum set.

Why to choose a best electronic drum set?

Answer to this question is the noise factor. With electronic sets you can play drums silently by just simply plugging the headphones into sound unit, now the only noise created will be of sticks beating the pads. These drums sets have built-in sound unit which produces different sounds and with this sound unit it is possible to switch between playing a jazz set, heavy rock set and many other sounds with just the tap of a button.

Electronic drum kits are very versatile in nature and for experienced drummers; they are very valuable in live concerts because of their size and versatility.

Rubber pads or interlock heads

Rubber pads or interlock heads are the one which influence the sound. Both are different from each other and may not have any advantage over the other.

Rubber pads are specially made for electronic drum sets and its price is less than that of interlock heads. Rubber pads are solid and consistent for all the drum sizes.

Interlock heads are more rational and sensitive and have dual trigger and they can also be tuned so that rebound can go well with the drummer.


To produce a loud sound, the main processor of the electronic drum set requires to be connected to an amplifier. A particular type of amplifier is used due to the nature of this electronic drum set. They are also known as monitor systems. Amplifiers are meant to generate the tones required for the drum they are prepared for. Drum amplifiers are normally in wedge shape so that they can assemble on the ground and face up towards the user.

Add-on Possibilities

All electronic drum sets do not have the capability of adding extra instruments like toms or cymbals. Generally, lower-end kits don’t offer this feature and you may require to advance to a mid-ranged kit. If you don’t know that the drum set you are looking for has the capability of adding extra instruments or not then check if there are extra imports that are not corked in or if is having additional cables with ¼ inch cork at the end that is not corked into a drum set head or cymbal.

Programmed beats

Most of the drum sets have beat samples programmed into the module. You may utilize these samples to learn various styles of playing to just to improve your practice.

How much to spend?

Most of the electronic drum sets are more expensive than acoustic drum sets as they have more attributes which helps in learning the drum for the beginners. The amount of money spend on the drums varies according to the requirements and budget of the drummer. But, for all time aspire for the highest feasible quality within the budget as higher quality sets with fine reviews from other drummers will last longer and award greater worth for money.

Top electronic drum set brands

To effectively learn drums, you need a drum set. However, most of the people prefer to go for the electronic variety, and go for the different electronic drum sets that are prevalent in the market. Well, some of the top brands providing electronic drum sets have been mentioned below.

  • Yamaha: -They are not only prevalent in the automobile industry, but have made a name for themselves by providing excellent percussion instruments like drums and synthesizers. Period incorporation of new technical features in their drum sets, Yamaha has certainly come a long way in the musical industry.
  • Alesis: -One of the pioneers of electronic drum sets, Alesis is certainly an aim to be a convict. They have produced a wide variety of drum sets, some of the most popular ones being a five piece electronic set. It comes along with appropriate drum modules, as well is a realistic feeling cymbals that can be used for creating a variety of drum loops.
  • Behringer: -This Company has been with the creation of quality musical instruments for a very long time, and continues to do so while producing products that can even be used for the electronic music market. So, you have Behringer providing you with the latest in electronic drum sets that not only come with effective track control, but incorporated with a lot of designs and kick pedals that can suit your needs. Also, it contains a USB interface so as to get it connected to your computer for recording drum beats.
  • Pintech: -This happens to be a company that is due to the market, but have been incorporating a lot of good technical aspects into their electronic drum sets. However, they make some of the most expensive electronic drum set in the market, so the products from this company can be out of reach for many.


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