Abnormal Hair Loss – Why it’s happening?

Are you really afraid of hair loss? Do you have fear that when you will comb your hairs, you will be finding plenty of hairs over the comb? If yes, then you should not get afraid rather you need to face the reality that you are under the attack of hair loss problem.

This article will be highlighting the major causes of hair loss and will explain that why you face hair loss problem. It will also put light on the life cycle of hair and will different circumstances in which one faces hair loss.

The average life span of hair:

Like other body parts, hairs are also alive. They also have life cycle and life spam.

After crossing that life spam, hair has to die. The hair comes from the strands and each strand has a life of two to six years. During this time duration, each strand grows by one inch each month.

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It is found that almost 90 percent of the hairs, over the scalp always remain growing at any given time. Whereas, rest of the 10 percent during this time remains in the resting phase. These 10 percents of hairs can remain in the resting phase for two to three months and after that the fell down. New strands grow in the place of fallen hairs.

This is the normal life cycle of the hairs. But, it is not however, necessary that all the people will be having the same life cycle of hairs. In some people, the hair loss is not normal and is very excessive. This abnormal hair loss can be introduced in any person regardless of gender and age.

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That is abnormal hair loss?

Scientists have named hair loss as alopecia, in their medical terms. They have categorized alopecia in to three types. These are areata alopecia, totalis alopecia and universalis alopecia.

Areata alopecia is that type of hair loss in which hair loss can be seen from every part of the body, especially the scalp. It results in creating the bald spots and patches over the scalp. It can result in causing just a single spot or even multiple spots over the scalp.

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One to two percents of people who are surfacing from this type of alopecia can have totalis alopecia later on. This can then lead to the universalis alopecia.

Totalis alopecia is also known as baldness and this can result in baldness and complete hair loss from the scalp. Scientists are still not sure about the actual cause of this type of alopecia; however some have suggested that this is due to the stress and is related to the autoimmune disorders.

Universalis alopecia is due to the medical disorder. In this type of alopecia; a person is not able to grow any hair over any body part. This is also an autoimmune disease and it can be introduced in any person and at any age.

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What causes Alopecia?

There are many factors that can lead to the abnormal hair loss or alopecia. Some of them are listed below:

  1. A person who had a major surgery or illness can notice a large patch of hair loss over the scalp, after three to four months. This may be attributed to the stress and anxiety related to the bad medical conditions and this can be temporary hair loss.
  2. Hormonal dysfunctions can also become another major cause of the hair loss. The person who have hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism can loss the hairs. This type of hair loss can be treated by finding remedy against the thyroid problems. Hair loss can also be noticed if male and female is having out balance hormones. By correcting this hormone related problems, one can lessen down or eliminate the hair loss.
  3. Most of the women, who have delivered a baby, also face hair loss problem. This is due to the fact that the body of the women is getting back at its pre pregnancy state and that is why it shed away some hairs.
  4. Some intake of medication can also result in causing the hair loss. This medication includes the medication for the gout treatment, anticoagulants medicines, medicines used to treat the cancer and used during chemotherapy, excessive amount of vitamin A pills, antidepressants and birth control pills.
  5. Another cause can be infections. Certain infections can lead to the hair loss. This includes: the fungal infection over the scalp.
  6. Lastly, the disease can also result in causing the hair loss. This diseases includes the lupus or diabetes, these can lead to become the secondary cause of the hair loss problem.

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How can one treat Alopecia?

Anxiety and stress are the two reasons due to which most of the people are facing alopecia. So, it is always better to eliminate the unnecessary stress or at least lessen it down. One can also consult the doctor about their eating habits and about medication, if he or she is taking any.

This will help the doctor to prescribe you remedy for the hair loss and he or she would be able to suggest the treatment. There are many medications available in the market that can lessen down or eliminate the hair loss problems.

If still one feels that his or her hair loss problem is unsolved, then he or she can use different types of hair styles to hide the bald patches or spots. He or she can also use hair pieces, wigs, hair weaves and even can go for the surgery.

The hair surgery is becoming very popular and it’s mostly known as hair transplant surgery. This surgery is adopted to stop the hair loss dilemma, for longer time duration. This surgery transforms the hair bearing skin patches over the bald areas. Surgeons transform the micrografts in front and minigrafts rows. This is quite expensive, but hence, the best solution for dealing the hair loss problem.

Although, hair loss is the natural problem. But, still one should not completely ignore or overlook the signs of abnormal hair loss. This problem can also become a major cause of some hidden diseases.

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It is always suggested that one should consult the dermatologist, if he or she is encountering hair loss problem. He or she should make their scalp checked and go for the possible treatments. It may can save a person from complete baldness.

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