Try These Simple Methods To Get Lovely Hair That You Dream Of

For a beautiful and healthy hair you need to do few simple and easy things for your hair. You need to do few things on regular basis and you will see the change in your hair in addition to you also need to avoid some actions. Here are some useful tips:

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Hair brushing:

Giving hundred strokes to your hair, which stimulates blood supply to your scalp and take out dead skin cell and protect before it get any infection – circulate sebum over the hair shaft for protecting and moisturizing.

Start brushing form middle of your hair till the end, be careful don’t hurry while brushing for the reason that there is the risk of breaking or pulling out your hair. When half hair is clear then start from the top, in this way there is a less chance of hair damage and make a habit of brushing before you go for washing it.

Scalp massage:

Before starting combing or brushing your hair during the day, make a habit of doing quick massage on your scalp. Just massage in small circular motion by using your finger pads over your scalp this practice will gives your relaxation to your mind.

Washing your hair once a week:

wash your hair once a week with shampoo, it is not compulsory to wash your hair everyday but if you are a teenager and your hair get dirt and dust while in a school or if you do job and work up in a real sweat every day. If your age is above twenty and you don’t have any kind of rashes and infections like dandruff, there is no need to shampoo every day.

And more importantly don’t do heat styling every day for the reason that it seriously damages or breaks your hair. If you feel too crabby or dirty and you must want to do something for that, simply after brushing your hair apply a little daily conditioner to the ends and rinse well – then pull back into a wet look pony tail or bun. Give a break from shampooing once a week or whenever possible, from heat styling and blow drying.

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Hair cutting and trimming:

Go for hair cutting and trimming when you see hair split ends for the reason that it weak your hair and which causes breakage. Get hair trim after eight weeks for shoulder length or longer hair, and six weeks for short hair styles.

Deep conditioning treatment:

Except you have very fine, hobble hair; get into the practice of applying a deep conditioning treatment to your hair once a week. Homemade preparations can really go well, and deep conditioners are change from daily conditioners. Using coconut oil is particularly best conditioner for your hair.

First brush your hair, wash it lightly, and then dry it using towel. After that apply deep conditioner and cover it with towel to open up hair cuticle and leave the conditioner to penetrate in, and leave for ten minutes to half an hour.

Rinse the conditioner with warm water and instantly rinse with cool water to close the hair cuticle. Washing your hair with cold water may be little unpleasant for you but it will close the hair cuticle close to the shaft and that will increase shine of your hair and which helps to keep your hair healthy and strong.

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  • UNLIKE the real human hair, the synthetic hair fiber may get tangled after 2 or 3 wears because the synthetic clothes that build up static, especially in winter. Besides, the dust and moisture in the air may hurt the synthetic hair fiber. To prevent it, kindly you can get a spray bottle and put some conditioner in it, then fill it up with water. Spray it in the hair extensions. It will make the hair extensions not very dry and prevent getting tangled in some extent. Please understand
  • MATERIALS: Heat Resistant Fiber, able to resist the heat from styling tools to give you almost the same styling versatility as the human hair (optimal temperature is 250 to 275 degrees). Going above 350 degrees is not recommended. With a matte looking, it looks real and you can restyle it with the scissors or curling iron
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  • EASY TO WASH AND TAKE CARE: Just need a little mild shampoo and hair conditioner then washing in lukewarm water. then set on a flat towel and let them naturally dry. If the hair fiber has got tangled, kindly you can use a little bit of laundry detergent and the water to soak and wash rinsed out then use a little bit of fabric softener and water to soak for conditioning then rinsed and let it air dry. Please don't wear it when sleeping or swimming or brush the hair when it's wet

Washing hair in right way:

Washing hair in proper way is also extremely important for strong and healthy hair. When you go to wash your hair, don’t pile up on your head like a bunch of trees, and never ever wash in that way, wash your hair hang in natural style.

Before shampooing wet your hair with warm water not hot water and pressure of shower head waters should keep mild enough to keep away from excess water pressure on your hair. Pour shampoo into the palm of your hand, make foam of shampoo in your hands and after that apply to your scalp’, and keep massaging all over your head with finger tips.

Wet hair is susceptible, though it can be damage and get break so be careful in massaging on your head. You can work the shampoo through to the ends, but if your hair is particularly dirty or oily. And if your hair is extremely dry, you should only wash your scalp, and rest of the hair dirt clean by the shampoo.

Use lukewarm water to rinse your hair and make sure that you allow your hair to hang naturally. If you have long hair, you just gently use your finger tips to get off extra shampoo from your hair. If you want to use deep conditioners just rinse out your shampoo and apply conditioners to the ends of your hair and repeat the rinse. Now gently dry your hair with towel, if you wrap new hair towel that will more appropriate, leave that towel on your hair, it wouldn’t be so heavy and have less risk of breakage.

After hair towel –dried you just apply a leave-in conditioner on your hair. When your hair is wet use only wide-tooth hair comb and never use brush on wet hair for the reason there is more space in wide tooth-comb so it breaks less or no hair. And do not sleep on wet hair –it is weak when hair is wet, when you turn on pillow it will break easily so never ever sleep when your hair is wet.

Whenever you need to dry your hair fast, you just use hair dry. Use hair dry from distance to your hair for the reason is that the if you place hair drier near to your hair it can damage and it can make your hair looks very dry. Which wipe out natural shine of your be very careful while using any heat item to your hair.

If you give little time and care to your hair, you will have shinny and lovely looks. Love your hair and treat it like finest silk and it will award you shine and fantastic looks.

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