How To Keep Your Lawn Perfect

Timing Is Everything

The first key to the perfect lawn is timing. Assuming you already have grass in your garden, begin seeking perfection around September time. Try to pounce on your garden the day after a rainfall, as much softer ground will make it so much easier for you to get the results you are looking for.

Lawn maintenance is easily carried out by hand, and is a great gardening basic for getting out into the fresh air as well as being a means of exercise. If you have a lawn the size of a football pitch however, then it may seem a little more than basic gardening! In this case, ensure you hire machinery, ideally from a garden center who know a little about lawns, as they can help you along the way!

What You Need

If your lawn has holes, or undulations which you would like to rid your garden of, then some high quality soil will be great for filling these in. You may want to invest in a bag of soil anyway, as this could help the bedding in process, especially if you are starting from scratch. Consider what your lawn is going to be used for.

If you are going to have children and household pets playing on the lawn, you will need a more durable grass type, where as if your lawn is purely ornamental you can look at something else. The experts at the garden center will know their stuff when it comes to seeding, and will give you great advice on the type of seeds which will work best in your garden.

Use a seed spreader to achieve the correct mix throughout your garden, or use a drag brush so you can achieve the perfect consistency of soil and grass seeds throughout. Keep the area out of bounds until grass begins to grow, however keep well moisturized. Although you are doing this as winter approaches, do not worry too much about frost, it won’t do damage to your growing lawn.

Should You Fertilise?

This really comes down to your personal preferences, as many people prefer a wholly organic garden although this may well mean tolerating weeds and other garden nastiest. This can be especially annoying if you happen to have a neighbor who is not garden orientated at all, meaning when it is windy your lawn is germinated by all manner of weeds and other undesirable greenery.

Make maintaining your perfect lawn the proudest of all of your gardening basics, follow our simple guide and add a new dimension to your garden.

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