How to Choose A Hairstyle That Suits Your Face

Many women have problem in figuring out the type of hair styles that suits them best. This is also an easy job to do if you know the basic information and guidelines. Choosing the right hair style depends upon one major principle i.e. the shape of your face.

Since we know that the hairstyling is based on the shape of face, it is important to know about the shape and different characteristics of the face.

These are discussed below:

1. The Round Face: people having full looking face along with round chin and hairline are said to have round face. The cheeks/eyes are the widest point.

2. The Square Face: the people with this type of face usually have a square hairline and a square jaw line

3. The Oval Face: people with oval face have very balanced features. They have rounded hairline which tends to be slightly narrower at the jaw.

4. The Diamond Face: these people have narrow forehead and jaw line. Their widest part is the cheekbones.

5. The Oblong Face: it is long and slender. Their area below forehead and cheekbones has almost the same width.

6. The Triangular Face: the cheekbones and temples are narrow and the jaw lines are prominent.

7. The Heart Shaped Face: this is actually the opposite of triangular face. The hairline and temples are the widest part whereas the chin is narrow.


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So this was all about different shapes of the face and now we can move on with our main topic which is about hair styling and eye wear.

1. The Round Face: the person with round face should work towards lengthening it. This can be done by adding a little height and fullness at the crown. Layering can be helpful for this purpose. The face will appear longer with an off center part.

Length: people with round face can have a shorter cut or a cut longer than the chin but the hairs should be brushed back.

Avoid: if you have a rounded face, avoid cutting hairs to chin’s length. This will make your face appear rounder.

GLASSES: people with round face should wear rectangular glasses. The rectangular frame helps to make the rounded face appear thinner and longer. Frames with colored temples helps to lengthen the appearance of round face.

2. The Square Face: the person with square face should try to make their face appear softer. The hairstyles with waves and roundness will look good on their face. People having straight hairs should consider getting a soft perm. The wispy bangs and layers will suit them the most. In order to elongate the face, height at the crown and off center parts are a good choice.

Length: the suitable length for the people with square face is short to medium. The straight bangs, center parts and long hairs make the square features prominent. The length of your hair should be a little below the chin or just above the chin.

Avoid: people with square face should avoid hairstyles that end at jaw line.

GLASSES: these people should wear glasses with curved lower part and a little weight on top. Find a frame that is longer than your widest part of face. This will help to soften up the look. Do not wear rectangular frames.

3. The Oval Face: most of the hairstyles go well with the oval face, so people with oval face can make almost any type of hairstyles because their objective is not to hide the features of face.

Length: people with oval face can keep their hair cut short, medium or long.

Avoid: always remember that your goal is not to cover your facial features with your hair.

GLASSES: select a frame that keeps your facial features in a balance. One point to keep in mind is to select a frame that is as broad as the widest part of your face. You can select a square, rectangular or a round frame. Do not use frames with dropped temples as this may create a distraction from your natural features.

4. The Diamond Face: you can wear different styles as you have balanced features. If you are planning to make shorter style, than try to have some weight in the nape area to balance your features.

Length: you can keep your hairs shorter, longer or medium.

Avoid: do not hide your facial features with your hairs.

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GLASSES:you should select those types of frames that help to draw the attention away from the temples. Frames whose top are decorated will also look good. Wear oval shaped glasses or glasses with geometrical shapes in order to reduce the distance between the temples.

5. The Oblong Face: people with this type of shape should try to make their face appear fuller. Layer is a good way to make your face appear fuller. You can try wispy bangs as well.

Length: the best lengths are short to medium.

Avoid: avoid long and straight hairstyles. Also avoid centre parts.

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GLASSES: select the frames that have an equal depth from top to bottom. Wear frames with contrasting or decorative temples. Do not use frames that have a great amount of weight at the bottom as this makes your face appear longer. Usually rounded or square frames look good.

6. The Triangular Face: select hair styles that taper at the level of jaw but appear fuller at the level of temple. You can do this by making lots of layers. You can also tuck your hairs behind the ears. This will also provide fullness to your temple area.

Length: usually short hairs go well with the triangular face. This helps to balance your prominent jaw line.

Avoid: avoid longer hairstyles and center parts.

GLASSES: frame without the lower rim is a good choice for people with triangular face.

7. The Heart Shaped Face: hairstyles with the length not longer than the chins are the best choice. Soft layers and wispy bangs are a good choice.

Length: hairs with length not longer than chin.

Avoid: avoid making short, full styles. This make the chin appear narrower.

GLASSES: rimless frames that are light in color are a good choice. Frames with wider bottoms are also good to wear.

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