Five Strange Places Your Find Silk Plants and Flowers in Use

Silk plants and flowers are a decorative accessory usually employed in the event that fresh flowers cannot be had, or if they are not desired. While they lack the aroma and color of authentic flowers, they are very useful when it comes to decorating a place, especially if real flowers are unavailable.

Silk plants and flowers are now growing in popularity, due to the often difficult task of getting fresh flowers and keeping them fresh. The advantages of plastic or silk plants over real ones are evident in that they need no watering or any sort of caring for at all. Due to this, silk plants have popped up in the most unexpected of places.

Here are five strange places your find silk plants and flowers in use:

  1. Diners – it may come as a surprise that you’d find silk plants and flowers in a diner. Many such places these days are flaunting silk flowers on their tables and in their general surroundings to add a little touch of ‘nature’ in an area where it may seem drab.
  1. Offices – offices are yet another strange place where you can find lots of silk plants. In offices, adding a touch of greenery adds a fresh look to a repetitive and often dull surrounding. Unfortunately, real plants aren’t always as viable, and they can be are very hard to maintain in an office.
  1. Classrooms – although not very common fare, silk plants and flowers can also be found in classrooms. Flowers or plants in classrooms are usually a bad idea, especially if you’ve got kids to handle. However, using silk plants goes around this dilemmas, as they cannot be easily damaged.
  1. Clinics – yes, doctors and medical professionals also employ silk plants and flowers in an attempt to brighten up a drab and monotonous environment. Because places like clinics can be cramped and rarely get any sunlight from external sources, silk flowers are used in lieu of real ones.
  2.  Public comfort rooms – the last place you’d think you’d find silk plants and flowers are in public comfort rooms, but they are there and they are thriving. Placing plants in bathrooms was originally done to reputedly make the air seem fresher and help to maintain a decent balance of moisture as well as to eliminate odors. Unfortunately, employing plants isn’t always viable, so silk plants and flowers are employed instead. Silk plants and flowers are good to use in all areas as they are beneficial because of their aesthetic contribution to the overall look of a place.

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