Essential Requirements of Best Gaming Laptop

Are you looking for the best gaming laptop? Want to gain knowledge for the gaming laptop of your type? Read on you will get all the answers for your question.

requirements of a good gaming laptopIn today’s world everyone is fond of playing video games. Laptops are the best friends for the game lovers. So, First thing you should know is what is a gaming laptop and what kind of features does it has. Gaming PCs and laptops are specifically designed for playing video games. These are very much like the personal computers with a main difference of configuration of components like graphic cards, CPU, RAM, screen size, battery etc.

As gaming laptops are used in unofficial settings so you can also customize you gaming laptop with some Yankee stickers and exclusive modifications. The five main requirements of gaming laptops are graphic card, screen size, RAM, processor(CPU) and operating system.

  1. Graphic Card or Video Card: It is a card installed in a laptop or computer to take care of showing the image on the laptop screen by displaying the best resolution of image the screen can support. It goes without saying that, you need the best gaming monitors to display the best graphic cards. Graphics cards or video cards come in a variety of forms with different features and have different price of ranges. The first thing to take care of while buying a graphic card(also known as video card) is the image quality and the second thing to be take care of is involved memory. A graphic card works hard to deliver images to the screen and graphic images takes a lot of memory than text files as images are large files which contains large amount of data that is being processed by the graphic card.

             Power Demand in Graphic Card: By increasing power of  graphic cards, their demands of electrical          power have also increased.                Today’s high performance video cards tend to consume more power.                  Early video cards with a power consumption of 75 watts                       contain a combination of less than six or eight          pin socket but latest video cards with a power consumption over 75 watts contain a                   combination of six          or eight pin socket.

             Size of  Graphic Card: Graphic card comes in different sizes according to the capacity of personal               computers or laptops and                        range of graphic card also varies according to its size, memory etc.

  1. CPU: CPU is the second main important element in the gaming laptop. As you all know CPU is the brain of computer. It is the main part of any computer through which a computer works. You should select a processor according to the kind of games you play like if you want to play GTA IV then quad core processor is needed for that but most of the games can be easily and efficiently played on dual core processor. Speed or performance of gaming laptop varies from processor to processor like quad core processor is fast than dual core. Price of gaming laptop also varies according to the processor. Though, the best processor for gaming is i7 975EE but it is very costly that may go out of the range of most of the people. So, i5 and i3 processors are also good for gaming part, they also provide high speed performance.
  1. Screen Size: Larger the size of laptop screen, more the fun you can have. Basically, screen size refers to physical dimensions of your display screen in inches. Laptops come in different size and length that means screen size varies according to laptop’s size. Whether you are having small size laptop or a large size laptop, resolution will be according to the graphic card present in the laptop. Screen size can be 14”, 15”, 17”. Price range varies with the screen size of the laptop.
  1. RAM: RAM is a major factor in selection of a laptop for gaming. Random access memory refers to the total programs you can run on a laptop and the current program or data is directly retrieve from RAM rather than other memory as it is very fast and efficient. More the RAM you have, better the performance level will be. For the best games collection and performance, it is always advice to go for a laptop which offers a RAM of atleast 4 GB. As you all know, most of the games are of large size and they need larger space in memory so it’s always recommended to have large RAM.
  1. Battery: High-end laptop elements use more battery power than low-end elements so a powerful battery is needed for a gaming laptop. Lithium-ion battery is good for this. Basically, batteries come with three, six and nine cells and more the number of cells it contains, more the efficiency and life span of the battery will be. So, for a good gaming laptop go for a lithium-ion battery with atleast six cells.

 Other Important Aspects

  • Laptops that are specifically designed for gaming part are little bit heavier than the standard laptops. Expected weight for these laptops is 4-6 kg.
  • For the best gaming volumes and tones, buy a nice pair of headphones because the built-in speakers of most of the gaming laptops are not so good and you may not that much fun.
  • There are many companies which make the best gaming laptops like ASUS makes heavy but high quality laptops and GIGABYTE which makes thin and attractive laptops.
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