Creating a Vintage Styled Home

Television programmes such as Downton Abbey and Poirrot have inspired many interior decorators. An increasing number of people, taken with art decoration shapes and stark black and white interiors want to reproduce some of this vintage style into their own home. You may already have some vintage items in your home that could be re purposed to create the look you want.

Will it Work in Your Home?

Not all houses will suit nineteen thirties doors for instance, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t inject an element of bygone eras in your decorating scheme. Eighteenth and nineteenth century mirrors can certainly give a room a vintage feel, as can trailing plants. The Victorians were into dark colors and floral wall paper if you really want to inject some Victoriana into your home then take a look at some old picture and art books to spark ideas.

Victorian Interior

The Victorians liked stuffed armchairs and sofas and brightened them with floral patterned cushions. Some of this furniture was still available during and immediately after the Second World War and it’s still possible to find this kind of thing in sale rooms and antique shops.

If you fancy a nineteen thirties influenced kitchen then try painting units and cupboards in stark black and white, add a black and white tiled floor and a pendant lamp to add even greater vintage emphasis. Look out for club armchairs and squared off furniture to add that extra thirties touch to your living room. Standard lamps were also a firm favorite during the nineteen thirties; see if you can find one with a big, floral shade.

Using Colour to Create Style

People are now picking up nineteen fifties tables and sideboards. Once you have sanded down an old table or sideboard, paint it a bright colour to inject a feeling of yesteryear. Creating a vintage styled home need not be expensive. Visit sale rooms and junk shops to find bargains that you can use to help you create the kind of style that you really want.

Gilded mirrors and picture frames look good over fireplaces and can change the whole look of a room. Shop around for vintage inspired curtain materials and blinds to add a touch of colour to your windows.

Visit Antiques Markets

Antiques markets and even car boot sales often have some great vintage finds if you look hard enough. Try to imagine what sort of use you might find for vintage items, using them in a different way will make your home stand out from the rest of the vintage crowd. Television programmes about antiques and picking up bargains have had a huge influence on people’s consciousness and the move towards vintage.

Antique Market

Look out for vintage cookware and kitchen storage jars, it is possible to find quite a lot of these items at antiques markets and jumble sales, especially items that were still being used during the war years. If you spot something that you like but can’t think how it would fit into your home, consider repurposing it. Children’s toy boxes can be old fashioned suitcases etc. If you want a vintage styled home then try looking at older things with a fresh eye.

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