Bouncy Castles Continue to Sensitize the Child Entertainment Industry

(Last Updated On: March 8, 2016)

Bouncy castles or bouncing inflatable were introduced to the entertainment industry since 1961 onward but until 1980s it didn’t receive adequate attention from customers. Compared to the earlier scenario, today bouncy castles are used almost in every occasion and the expansive range of product variety has not only flooded the children’s entertainment market but also making the strong intrusion in the world of adult entertainment as well.

BIHA or The British Inflatable Hirers Alliance started its operation with 30 companies in 2000. However, 12 years down the line total number of joiners in the group has crossed over 2000. Today, the registered bouncy castle business companies are eligible to offer £1 million as insurance cover charge. This has happened actually because of the prosperity in business. Currently, inflatable selling and hiring business is considered as one of the most profiteering domestic enterprises in the entire country.


According to the latest information provided by the BIHA, almost 86% to 94% of the UK people are willing to hire these highly entertaining jumping equipments. In order to occupy the huge customer base, these companies are engaged in a healthy competition and offering attractive discount on their services, which is ultimately facilitating the potential users.

Most frequently, these devices are hired for social gatherings, corporate events, sports events at schools, barbecues, fundraising parties and many more. These equipment are available not only in different shapes, structures and colors but manufacturers, considering the psychological requirement for users, are providing these jumping devices with various themes.

Kids, while paying on these jumping castles, are expected to receive extreme fun and imaginative fulfillment. While the concept of entertainment in the 21st century world is very much virtual and digitally equipped, popularity of bouncing inflatable shows that pure fun is still very much alive.

The wide variety of bouncy castles includes sumo suits, assault courses, bungee runs, slides, gladiator duel posts, pole jousts, human demolition and ball ponds. Thanks to the reputable inflatable hire-sale companies in different regions of the UK, people are free to get the services quite at an affordable rate. Generally these equipments are available for hiring on hourly basis rate.

In many cases you may require electricity to run the entire operation but normal power supply with 13 Amp socket is sufficient for the purpose. You are planning to install the large devices outdoor but don’t really have power source, upon your request the hiring company may arrange for fuel but such services will be charged separately.

Considering the wide range of opportunities, you may start with your own business but before you actually become part of the industry, make sure that you know the competitors in and around the locality. As customers aspire for quality service and you can help them to enjoy the same, quite surely you enterprise will emerge as one of the most prosperous bouncy castle hire sale agencies in the location, in due course of time. So, start planning, focus on customers’ requirement and formulate your strategies accordingly. It will help you to channelize your efforts in the correct direction and also will help you to become an active part of the dynamic field of child entertainment industry.

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