Big Trends in Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture choices help determine how good your outdoor living spaces look. More often than not, your outdoor spaces make the first impression about your home. This is the reason why it is important to make outdoor furniture choices wisely if you are concerned about making your home look good from the inside and out. With the year coming to a close, there are new trends in outdoor furniture, especially in designs and colors, that homeowners will be excited to try out.

Structure, Build and Style

For the next year, outdoor furniture trends revolve around clean, contemporary lines, modern shapes and silhouettes, and minimalist designs and colors. Clean and flowy silhouettes, deep but firm cushions in solid blocks are the trends for the coming year.

Customers also get the benefits of new technology, such as hidden motion systems if they opt for particular brands of outdoor patio furniture. Woven back patterns are popular for metal and wrought iron designs. With metal frames buyers can expect graceful, classic arms or more contemporary, minimalist arm support that are free from any embellishments. For furniture that is made of natural materials like wicker and bamboo, an airy, see-through structure and design has always been popular and is projected to remain popular over the next year.


Materials remain the same, although new innovations have been incorporated by manufacturers to increase their durability and ability to withstand the elements. Homeowners often prefer leaving outdoor furniture outdoors when the weather is not too harsh. This requires specially-treated furniture that will not rot when left out in the rain or under harsh sunlight. Materials coming out in 2016 include wicker, aluminum, wrought iron, plastic and water-resistant fabrics. Wrought iron is expected to remain a favorite in the coming year, since it can be made into various designs, from the traditional to the contemporary.

Combinations of both metal and wood are also very popular among new furniture designs. This is especially true with folding beach chairs that can be brought to the beach or can be stationed on the patio on a more permanent basis. It is important to note that you can find furniture with wooden components that have been kiln-dried better able at withstanding the effects of sun, sleet and rain than untreated wood furniture.

Wicker is also predicted to be big in the coming year. Most manufacturers are already doing wicker in dark or light browns, although wicker in black and done with industrial, clean lines are already popular. The popularity of wicker furniture is expected to pick up in the coming year, especially with new designs that showcase the incredible ability of wicker to be manipulated into ultra modern shapes and designs. Other natural materials that will remain popular in the coming year include bamboo and jute which have long been staples in Oriental furniture. New manufacturing techniques are now allowing manufacturers and furniture designers to manipulate these materials to be used in furniture that are considered fusions of both Western and Oriental contemporary designs.


Beige and pastels are big for outdoor furniture in the next year, although colors for frames range from very dark browns to pure white. Most outdoor furniture are not readily available in more dramatic colors, although homeowners can ask for customized colors to fit the look that they want for particular outdoor furniture. When it comes to cushions and pillows, blues, dark browns and pure white will be the trend for 2013. Turquoise is also going to be a big hit for outdoor furniture pillows. When paired with deep browns, one can create an earthy solid effect with the furniture, while pairing blues and turquoise with white will accomplish a light and airy feel, perfect for outdoor beach spaces.

Homeowners who want to spruce up their outdoor living spaces can do so with style and ease using the right choice of outdoor furniture. With the new trends in outdoor furniture coming out in the next year, you can easily pick out any furniture that compliments the outdoor style you are going for. From wicker to wrought iron, you can bring new life to a previously drab and boring outdoor space with a well-chosen outdoor furniture set.

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