How to Find the Best Tonneau Covers?

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2018)

What is a tonneau cover? For amateurs, it is a wonderful accessory to be found in pickup trucks. When you happen to be traveling in the hills or ingredients that have very unstable roads, it is this particular cover which will be able to secure your cargo and make sure that it remains intact. There is a wide variety of such kind of tonneau covers for you to choose from, and they can be easily installed within a few minutes. Removing them is not a big deal; it only takes a few seconds to do so. However, how will you select the best tonneau cover for your pickup truck? Here is Ultimate Comparison of top 5 Picks.

Various types of best tonneau covers

There are different types of tonneau covers that you can find in the market. They have individual advantages, and have varying properties that will be able to work towards your benefit. Some of the types are;

  • Hard tonneau cover: – The namesake of this particular type of cover enables you to maintain a hardtop feature that can prevent substantial damage if anything falls in the back of your pickup truck. However, it does not contain any retractable feature or any folding feature in almost all the cases. So, this is only to be used by people that are looking to get a lot of security in the back of their truck for the materials without any other feature.
  • Retractable tonneau cover: – These tonneau covers are extremely stylish -looking, and combines the best of hardtop features along with wonderful access to the entire truck bed. These types of covers are engineered with keeping the best of efficiency in mind. It is mostly constructed with lightweight aluminum, which ensures that it does weight as much as it looks. It also contains locks or latches in various positions along the rail bed, to provide for maximum utility and security. There are various models that come with an integrated lock feature which is used as an additional form of security.
  • Trifold tonneau cover: – Just like the name, the trifold tonneau cover can be folded into three parts. So, in order for you to access a certain part of the truck bed, all you need to do is to simply fold up the cover, and get to that particular location. There is absolutely no need for you to take on the stringent task of unfolding the entire hardtop. However, if you have some awkward shape of luggage, then such kind of a fit in this particular tonneau covers can be a bit hard to achieve.
  • Rollup tonneau cover: – Such kind of tonneau covers is extremely low profile, and they are good looking as well. They have been designed keeping in mind the aerodynamics of the pickup truck. They are most often constructed with the help of Vinyl which is marine grade in strength. These are extremely tough and you would be able to store a lot of products conveniently and get them out within a few seconds from the back of your truck. These are generally amongst the most affordable types of tonneau truck covers that you can find in the market. They are extremely easy to install and in most cases come with Velcro straps for closing.
  • Backflip tonneau cover: – The backflip tonneau cover is the latest truck bed cover in the market. It has been designed keeping in account the function as well is the convenience for the truck owners to use multi-panel tonneau covers. It ensures that you would be able to get access to the entire of the truck bed without the physical need to remove the entirety of the cover.

Buying factors for best Tonneau Cover 2016

In terms of providing safety to the cargo, the use of the tonneau cover is a must. However, with the different types and styles for you to choose from, which kind of cover should you go for? Well, you need to realize that any kind of damage done to the cargo is only going to end up exposing the merchandise and creating a lot of problems for you. To makes matters worse, any damage to the cargo is going to come out of your own pocket.

Size: –The primary consideration for you to purchase the cover should be the size of your pickup truck. After all, you would need the cover to ensure protection for the entirety of the truck bed. This can only happen if you have the perfect product in your grasp. So, you have to ensure that you keep the considerations of size in mind when purchasing the product.

Security: – Many tonneau cover come with latches and locks. Some come with Velcro or any other form of security protection. So, you have to ensure that you keep all of those under concentration before you can pick out a product of your choice. After all, you would not want any kind of theft from your cargo.

Tailgate problems: – In some of the most basic tonneau covers you find that the real security lies in the tailgate. If you go for a soft cover, then it cannot be open until and unless the tailgate is down. Now, you need to have a certain amount of measurement and understand the position of your tailgate. So, if you have a tailgate which is locking, then it provides a certain amount of security. However, for a determined thief, slicing through the tailgate should not be much of a problem. Hence, going for a soft top should not be the correct choice for such pickup trucks.

Aerodynamics: -There are tonneau covers that come with aerodynamics; it ensures the correct passage of flow of air from the front of the vehicle to the rear. This ensures that there is no wastage of fuel, neither is there any kind of problems in the transportation of the cargo. So, make sure that you go for the covers which have aerodynamic capabilities and go in sync with your pickup truck. Going for such covers also improve the look and the feel of your pickup truck.

Economy: -At the end of the day, tonneau truck cover is an essential part of your pickup truck. However, you have to ensure that you get them within your budget, and secure the best services of the Lot. Always make sure that styling takes a backseat as and when the security of your cargo comes into question. So, go for a product that is economically sound when at the same time providing you with the appropriate security without compromising on any other advent.

Top 3 tonneau cover reviews

Before you actually go to buy a cover for your pick up truck, it is important to see some tonneau cover reviews. Here we have covered some of the best models from different brands so that you get additional information.

Lund 95073 Genesis tri fold tonneau cover

The Lund Genesis happens to be an extremely low profile and highly durable folding cover for the truck bed. It provides you with the effective functionality and protection that you need for your cargo.

It also comes with a wonderful functional aerodynamic look for your truck, thereby reducing the drag and increasing the economic situation of the fuel for your pickup truck.

It can fold up within a few seconds, providing you with complete access to the truck.

It contains durable aluminum rails that are powder coated in order to provide for maximum durability and rust resistance. A customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars simply enunciates the functionality of this product in the general market.

Features: –

  • Trifold, ensuring for easy access to the truck bed to get to the cargo.
  • Comes with a standard fitting of 6’5” for the truck beds.
  • It can be very easily assembled and installed within a couple of minutes. It contains action clamps within the package.
  • There is a lifetime warranty on the frame as well as the cover.


Premium trifold tonneau truck bed cover 

The premium trifold tonneau cover is pretty merely for the Dodge Ram, and it can fit the standard 6’5” truck bed. So, before purchasing this product, it would be wise for you to measure the truck bed to find compatibility.

The product comes with a premium set of assembled bed cover for your truck. It comes with a tailgate seal along with premium mounting hardware.

The condition of the product is wonderful with marine grade coated vinyl used as the coating for the bed. An astounding 4.8 out of 5 stars has been accorded to this product, making it one of the best tonneau covers in the year 2016.

Features: –

  • It can be very easily assembled without the need for any elected drill. It will be able to easily work in your standard 6’5” truck bed.
  • There is a 10 year warranty that comes without any hassles with this product.
  • The clamps are US patented, and can result in the best customized look and design. It will also reduce the wastage of fuel due to its wonderful aerodynamic feature.
  • Total weather tight sealing ensures that your cargo will be protected from any form of moisture or dirt.


TAC tonneau cover 

When you need a truck that can be removed within a few seconds when you have oversized cargo, or simply want to access the truck bed then the TAC tonneau cover fits the picture.

It has been designed for extremely fast installation, without the need for any kind of drilling or cutting. It features a whole lot of security and is perfect for the people that work on this operation single-handed.

It is a wonderful accessory, and will be able to improve your mileage by at least 10%. With a customer rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, this here is truly a product for the masses.

Features: –

  • It is a perfect fit for the truck bed that comes with a standard 6’5”.
  • The structure is made out of aluminum, which provides excellent durability and also improves the mileage of the truck.
  • The clamp design has been integrated to provide appropriate tension within the truck bed. It also provides for excellent security from any kind of corrosion.

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