Paul Mitchell Flat Iron – Still #1 in 2020?

If you have ever used superior healthcare products, then Paul Mitchell is a name that you are familiar with. This Scottish born hairdresser was not only a favorite amongst actresses of his era, but he has been credited with introducing as well is reinventing a lot of good hairstyles for various celebrities.

Not only is he credited with excellent quality hair care products, but he has been at the top of his game, producing good quality products for generations to come. Even after his death, his legacy of producing some of the best products related to hair care has not diminished.

Top Best Paul Michel flat iron reviews 2020

If you are in the market for a Paul Michel flat iron, then it would do you justice to seek out the best. Go through the reviews mentioned below to determine the best product according to your needs.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth Plus Flat Iron

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  • The express ion smooth + is the perfect tool to create professional, salon-quality hairstyles
  • It helps to smooth and polish strands quickly and gently for healthy-looking results with incredible shine
  • It is recommended for casual use

If you need a superior product, and price is not a concern, then the ProTools version of Paul Mitchell flat iron is the one that you need to go for. This works wonders for normal hair, and ensures that any kind of frizzy hair that you have can be easily flattened and smoothened out within a short amount of time.

What it does the form of versatility is to have the incorporation of dual voltage which enables you to use the product worldwide, without the need to worry about electricity compatibility. The machine also has an LCD display which enables you to check the temperature, and keep it under your control.

The magnificence of this product is in its extremely fast heat recovery and heating times; it can heat up to 410°F in one minute, and also has a five second recovery time for the heat. Just to put things to perspective, it has a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating, making it one of the best Paul Mitchell express ion smooth products out there in the market.


  • It contains a dual voltage, making it perfect for all your travel plans.
  • It has 1.25” ceramic plates which are cushioned and comes with beveled edges.
  • The product also contains a negative ion as well as infrared technology towards your superior smoothening of the hair.

Neuro Smooth Flat Iron

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  • Perfect for Smoothing
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Heat to 450 degrees in 30 seconds

Another product from the stables of Paul Michel is the latest Paul Michel neuro smooth flat iron. It is a premium product, probably one of the best that you can find in the market in this particular arena. Not only is it extremely good in the kind of work it is set out to do, but it also provides the feature of scalp massage, making it a product worth having.

Straightening your hair is no more about simply inducing heat, it is also about some neural functions which enable you to get the best possible as they along with keeping your scalp free from the stress associated with this operation.

The flat iron contains 1.25 inch premium titanium plates for efficient heating, and can take on a lot of hair at one stroke for straightening. At the end of the day, this is a product which will be helpful to improve and increase your standard of beauty in terms of beautifying your hair.

Facilities like dual voltage coverage as well as temperature settings can be found incorporated within the product itself, making it extremely easy for you to smooth out your hair, and get rid of the entire frizz in it. The popularity of this product can be gauged by the near perfect 4.9 out of 5 stars given to it by the users, broke living this to be the for natural hair.


  • It contains an adjustable temperature control settings, making it easy for you to keep a handle on the heat.
  • 25 inch premium Isotherm titanium plates have been included for better efficiency in smoothening the hair.
  • Dual voltage option, enabling you to carry this product anywhere in the world and make use of it.

Neuro Halo Styling Iron

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  • Neuro Halo 1" Styling Iron Paul Mitchell's Newest Flat Iron
  • Neuro® teamed up with world-renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid to create Neuro® Halo, a collection of supremely smart and stylish heat tools that push the boundaries of technology and design to revolutionize the way we style hair.
  • WHAT IT DOES Creates waves, curls and smooth styles.
  • HOW IT WORKS 1" premium gunmetal IsoTherm titanium plates Heats up to 450°F in 30 seconds SmartSense microchip for lightning-fast heat recovery Dual voltage for worldwide use Extended plate length for faster styling

One of the best things about using premium products is the quality that you get with it. Upon using thePaul Mitchell Neuro Style 1” Flat Iron you can see the stark difference when you compare it to all the other flat iron in the market. The machine has been built keeping into mind the maximum volume of hair of the current generation as well as the capabilities of styling that can be achieved.

The flat iron has been contoured, which allows you to get the perfect type of volume and shape, as well as go through keeping all the curls that you want in your hair with minimum effort. With the help of the premium isotherm titanium plates, you will be able to get the perfect smoothening feature, as well as the gliding interface through your hair without coming across any problems whatsoever.

It also contains a microchip, which enables you to regulate the temperature at least 50 times/ sec, thereby ensuring a perfect, even heating that can be achieved in a flat iron. The product is one of the best flat iron for black hair, and the customers have given it a 4.1 out of 5 stars in review ratings.


  • Can easily heat up to 450°F within 30 seconds.
  • The presence of an external LED display ensures that you can program the temperature setting of the flat iron.
  • The microchip in the LED display regulates the temperature, ensuring for an even heating.
  • The facility of dual voltage ensures that you can carry around this product anywhere in the world and make use of it without voltage concerns.

Buying Tips for Flat Iron

When purchasing a flat iron for your hair, keep a few considerations in your mind;

  • The size of the plate, which is to say the width of the plate, plays a very important role. Wider plates ensure that you can smoothen a lot more hair at a single stroke. So, people with a lot of hair volume should prefer to go for wider plates and vice versa.
  • Automatic temperature control is no more a thing of the past, but very much within the present. So, you need the flat iron to have some sort of LCD/LED display, as well is a programmable temperature setting to enable you to get the perfect and even heating for your hair.
  • Quality of the plates is also a consideration that you need to keep in mind. The plates are normally made out of ceramic, ionic, tourmaline, nanoparticles, infrared or titanium. Depending upon the cost of the product, the quality of the plates would vary.

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