Grace your home with Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2018

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2018)

Best Artificial Christmas Trees in 2018

Artificial Christmas tree is one of the first items in your Christmas shopping list. Every house has one or more of these trees displayed on the occasion of Christmas as these are considered as auspicious. These trees enhance the look of your house greatly. There are different Christmas tree types and sizes to choose from like are 9ft Christmas tree, 12 foot Christmas tree and 4ft Christmas tree  are among the popular ones. This post inlcudes a list of best artificial Christmas tree of different types and sizes from well known brands. You just have to go through the list and select the best Christmas tree which suits your budget and requirements. You can see our detailed best artificial Christmas tree reviews also.

Christmas TreeModelSize(Ft)RatingsPrice
National Tree Christmas Tree with Flocked Cones and 750 Clear Lights7.54.5Check price & discount
Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce Premium Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree124.8See price & dicount
Tree Classics Classic Fraser Fir Fake Christmas Tree6.54.2See Price & Discount Here
KING OF CHRISTMAS Prince Flock Artificial Christmas Tree94.6Check price & dicount
Balsam Hill Classic Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree7.54.6See Price & Discount

Buying tips for artificial Christmas trees in 2018

The Christmas parties are never the same without the presence of the Christmas tree in the corner of the living room. While, the holiday season is pleasant, however without a certain amount of culture and symbolism thrown into it, it does not stand a good ground. So, it is important for you to purchase a Christmas tree and rekindle the joy amongst your family members. However, purchasing artificial Christmas trees requires a certain amount of diligence on your part.

Things to note when purchasing an artificial Christmas tree: –

  • Warranty: -Always purchase the best Christmas tree that your budget can afford, and while doing so, always look at the warranty. Some of the trees that have 20 to 25 years of warranty surely ensure that they are well constructed, and are extremely durable. However, as a purchaser, you have to keep the purchase receipt as well as the warranty card with you at all times so as to exercise the need of a warranty in case there are any problems.
  • Space: -When you have about 2 to 3 feet of space in your living room for the Christmas tree, there is absolutely no need for you to purchase something bigger than that. So, you need to pay special attention to the space that you have in your house, as well is the height of the ceiling before you purchase a compatible, although artificial Christmas tree.
  • Lighted Christmas tree: -You can purchase pre-lit Christmas trees, but the weigh a lot more and cost more than an artificial tree. However, it can save you the hassle of having to decorate your Christmas tree with lighting. If you go for the pre-lit Christmas tree, and ensure that the light bulb ratings stay between 160-200 mA, as it can signify a better longevity for the lightbulbs.

Some of the Best Artificial Christmas trees for 2018

The reviews about fake Christmas trees given here are our honest reviews based on our extensive research so that you get the correct and useful information for buying the best tree.

National Tree 9ft North Valley Spruce Tree, Hinged, 700 Clear Lights

This is a great 9ft Christmas tree which is flame resistant and non allergic. It has clear decorative lights strung on to the tree. This 9ft Christmas tree has a 65 inch solid tree base and it comes with metal tree artificial christmas tree

It is very easy to assemble.It has bulb locks which protect the bulbs from falling. It comes with spare bulbs, fuses and a storage carton. This brand gives you 5 years warranty on tree and 2 years on tree lights.

Hinged design makes this 9ft Christmas tree look great and beautiful. This tree is very beautiful and you will not get disappointed once you buy this. It is absolute steal for your Christmas home decorations.

Based on best artificial Christmas tree reviews this 9 foot tree has got rating of 4.5 stars.

12 Ft Christmas Tree Tall, Slim W/1100 Lights

This 12 foot artificial Christmas tree is a pre lit tree. It has 1100 LED lights on it. The base of this Christmas tree is 60 inch in diameter. It is a hinged design and pre attached lights on artificial christmas tree reviews

This 12 ft Christmas tree is very easy to assemble and sets up quickly. This tree comes with a 2 year warranty.

This is an awesome stunningly beautiful best Christmas tree with not very wide base. So it is not going to take up all of your room space.

You will feel great and content after buying this one of the best artificial Christmas tree 2016. See in pic how beautiful it looks while placing near to your sofa guest beds.

Brylanehome 71/2 ft Deluxe Pop Up Christmas Tree

 This is a very good pull up Christmas tree. It is very easy to assemble and you get a stunning pre decorated and pre lit tree having 450 lights and 36 bows, 48 swirl ornaments.fake christmas tree

After Christmas time it can be stored very easily and safely. This Christmas tree is very gorgeous and sturdy having great quality decorations and ribbons. This pop up Christmas tree makes your Christmas home decorations a fun and convenient.

This pull up tree is a great substitute for people who suffer from allergies from real trees. It even looks great when lights are off.

It has multi colored lights. This is a perfect solution for people who do not have much time for Christmas decorations but yet do not want to compromise with decorations either.

The best artificial Christmas tree reviews at Amazon have given this pop up Christmas tree a rating of 4.6 stars. 

GKI Bethlehem Lighting Pre-Lit Tree with 300 Clear Mini , Full Hunter Fir

This 4 ft Christmas tree looks like an organic tree. It is an excellent option for people having space constraint. It has 300 clear Christmas tree lights strung on to it in branch tree types

Its lock in system keeps bulbs stayed on to the fake or artificial tree and prevent them from falling down. Moreover the bulbs are fixed in such a way that if any bulb burns then your whole tree light will remain lit.

This 4 ft Christmas tree is fire retardant and crush resistant with a solid heavy metal base for providing stability to the tree.

This 4 1/2 foot tree carries a 10 year limited warranty. Storage of this fake Christmas tree is also very easy. This tree looks like real tree.

Base on the artificial Christmas tree reviews on Amazon it has received rating of 4.2 stars. 

Your Thoughts

We have made an attempt to cover the best fake Christmas tree in our reviews. It includes different artificial Christmas tree types like 9 ft, 12 foot Christmas tree. As you know there will be new trees coming up in the market and some of them will be getting very popular. You can also check out post on rotating Christmas tree stand.

We shall try to include such trees in our best artificial Christmas tree reviews segment so that you get detail information. If you think we have missed on some best Christmas tree then please share with us in the following comments.

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